Thayer International receives AHF's Awards

December 17,2022

December 15-16, 2022, at the annual AHF  (Asia Hospitality and Tourism Real Estate Forum) conference, Thayer International received two prestigious awards: the 2022 ESG Investment Award and D. Teddy Zhang was honored with the Global Hotel and Tourism Pioneer Award. The receipt of these two honors not only highlights Thayer International's leading position in the hotel and tourism industry and sustainable investment field but also underscores the company's outstanding performance in innovation, leadership, and social responsibility. The Global Hotel and Tourism Pioneer Award is a high recognition of leaders in the Chinese hotel and tourism industry, commending their unique contributions to advancing innovation in China and global hotel development. As a prominent player in this field, Thayer International has achieved this esteemed honor through its excellent leadership and innovative ideas. The company not only contributes to the thriving development of China's hotel and tourism industry but also drives innovation and upgrading in the global tourism sector. On the other hand, the attainment of the 2022 ESG Investment Award highlights Thayer International's exceptional performance in the sustainable investment arena. This award aims to recognize investment institutions that integrate environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors into various aspects of their strategies, governance, and investments to create positive ESG impacts. Thayer International, with its responsible investment philosophy, successfully integrates ESG values into its operations and investment strategies, making significant contributions to environmental protection, social welfare, and corporate governance, demonstrating the company's steadfast commitment to sustainability.

Thayer's managing partner Teddy Zhang stated, "We are greatly honored to receive these two significant awards, which are a recognition of the relentless efforts of our entire team. As members of the industry, we will continue to uphold the spirit of innovation and bring about positive transformations in the hotel and tourism sector in China and around the world. We will also continue to integrate sustainable development into our business to achieve long-term business goals and social value." Thayer International, through its outstanding performance, once again proves its leadership position in the industry and social responsibility, becoming a benchmark in the field. The receipt of these two honors undoubtedly will further propel the company to exhibit even more remarkable achievements and contributions in its future development.