August 12,2020

Hospitality veteran Leland “Lee” Pillsbury is one of the most prolific — and successful — disruptors in the hospitality business. His ability to find opportunities is bearing fruit even amid the nightmare of COVID-19.


Pillsbury, a former Marriott International executive and founder, with Frederic Malek, of Thayer Lodging Group, co-founded and launched more than 17 companies. He now serves as a managing director for venture capital firm Thayer Ventures (TV), which in May raised US$80 million to complete its third fund, aimed at investment in technology-driven startups that could accelerate and profit from the pace of change in the US$10 trillion global travel and transportation sector.


Find out why Pillsbury is calling this troubling economic climate “the greatest opportunity in my career” and what he considers the new normal for hotel companies.



Leland “Lee” Pillsbury is focusing his attention and fund capital on technology solutions for two big challenges: labor costs and productivity.